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中间 & 高中 Program

生活 and learning.

河景 School’s 中间 & 高中 Program serves students (ages 11–19, grades 6–12).  学生 experience the sense of accomplishment that comes from meaningful academic, Social, and life experiences.  They celebrate their talents and abilities while developing strategies for managing challenges.  Whether they are in the classroom, 住宅, playing fields, or community, students learn the importance of hard work, collaboration, and perseverance. 

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A Culture of Encouragement

河景 is committed to developing students’ academic abilities, and to helping them acquire and apply knowledge.

Lessons are presented via a thematic, integrated curriculum. 文学, 写作, hands-on history activities, the arts and field trips are all connected to a central theme. Coursework is supported through the latest technologies and innovations in teaching. Specialized speech and language services, reading instruction and Social skills training are infused throughout the curriculum.

学生 are grouped in small teams, based upon grade level, in which the student-to-teacher ratio never exceeds 8 to 1. This ensures that each child’s unique needs are fully understood and met.

高中 学生 receive English Language 艺术 (ELA) and reading instruction each day. They also participate in daily math, history/Social studies, science (or Senior Seminar) and elective classes.

中间 School 学生 take part in content-driven, hands-on projects related to a theme while strengthening their problem-solving, investigation, research and 写作 skills.

Social skills

A Culture of Friendship

河景 helps adolescents build positive relationships, understand emotions and develop self-advocacy skills.

学生 have many opportunities to practice their Social skills with staff and other students. At 河景, Social skills guidance is the responsibility of every member of the faculty and staff, all of whom are well trained in assisting students in understanding appropriate Social interactions.

Independent living

A Culture of Independence

Instruction in independent living is creatively embedded into the 河景 academic and residential curriculum so that students can learn and practice skills related to cooking, 购物, personal hygiene, 健康, nutrition and fitness, stress management, and the planning of recreational activities.

Many parents are amazed how much their children can, 事实上, will do for themselves when challenged. At 河景, skills such as room and dorm care, daily living, time management, organization and budgeting are taught in structured, supported settings, helping students to stretch and grow and feel wonderful about their new skills and themselves.

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