Student Life

Growing together.


The following are some of the skills that Riverview students learn in the dorms:

  • Self-care

  • Room and dorm care and laundry

  • Budgeting and money management (“needs vs. wants”)

  • Leisure-time planning

  • Establishing and maintaining friendships

  • Health and wellness through nutrition, fitness and recreation opportunities

  • Self-advocacy and social skills

  • 膳食计划和准备(在员工的支持下,GROW学生每周有一个指定的烹饪之夜)

  • Scheduling evening homework and/or quiet time

  • Time management and organization (agendas, charts, lists)

  • Executive function skills

  • Community safety practices

*虽然常规和结构确保这些重要的技能被教授和加强, GROW的学生在设计和规划他们的个人时间表方面发挥着非常积极的作用.

Dorm life

Friends & Fellowship

Riverview’s dormitories are more than a place to sleep and study. They are among the most important classrooms on campus. Because living and learning are fully integrated at Riverview, 住宿课程的设计与学术课程一样周到和彻底.

From social skills and communication to cleaning, laundry and cooking, the lessons that students learn in the dorms last a lifetime. 宿舍里的师生比例是8比1,这使得个性化的关注成为可能. Residential Supervisors oversee assigned dorms, 住宿指导员和住宿指导员与学生一起在宿舍过夜.

在我们的GROW项目中,17-22岁学生的宿舍位于校内和校外. GROW学生在宿舍准备早餐和晚餐,并积极参与食品库存, grocery shopping, meal preparation and clean-up on a weekly basis.



Riverview students find new ways to express themselves, develop their imaginations, think, act, 并通过参加学校丰富的戏剧和音乐课程获得自信和平衡. All students may join the chorus and participate in drama productions, 反映了河景视觉和表演艺术项目之间的合作.


Music is part of the everyday curriculum at Riverview. Students are given the opportunity to study music history, sing, and learn how to play a variety of musical instruments. Other music-based activities include: DJ (Audio/Visual) Tech Training; Band; M.A.D (Music, Acting, Dance); Sing A-longs; Creative Song Writing; Drum Line; Acapella: and Chorus which has over 90 participants each year.

Visual Arts

Riverview students begin with the fundamentals of art, where they learn about proportion, perspective and color. They work with the face, figure and geometric forms to create self-portraits. 这个练习可以帮助他们专注于自己和周围世界的自我. 许多学生也喜欢学习并将Photoshop等最新技术融入他们的艺术作品中,以拓宽创意选择.

Activities and athletics


All Middle & 高中学生参加一个全面的课外活动项目, which builds their skills while enhancing their sense of community and belonging. 此外,周末节目还包括前往当地的科德角和新英格兰的景点. 活动为学生提供典型的青少年经验,如学生会, clubs and the prom.

GROW students select and plan for their own social activities, which take place both on and off campus. 他们在晚上和周末的社交活动中有很多选择和决定. Typical college-age experiences, such as going out to dinner, to the movies, to the mall, or attending sporting events and performances, keep GROW students socially active.


“个人最好”的理念体现在河景体育教育的各个方面, sports and fitness programs, which consist of modified and adaptive instruction.

In the Middle & High School, 河景的体育课程强调参与各种个人休闲运动和传统团队运动所必需的技能, and helps students to stretch beyond their comfort zones. Skills such as sportsmanship and teamwork are reinforced.

The athletics program at Riverview School is completely inclusive. Any Middle & High student who wishes to participate in soccer, basketball, softball, swimming, tennis, cross country, or track and field, and maintains a commitment to the sport, will be placed on a team.

Riverview加入了马萨诸塞州校际体育协会(MIAA),并成为了篮球和田径特奥会统一冠军学校. Now Riverview’s athletic accomplishments will be officially recognized!

Health, nutrition and fitness are important as well. Students learn about the benefits of healthy eating and staying active. They have use of Riverview’s state-of-the-art Wellness Center, staffed by a certified fitness instructor.


Riverview’s Wellness Program focuses on the benefits of keeping active, healthy eating and being mindful. We are committed to embracing wellness as a community, 并确保我们的学生正在培养和内化习惯,这些习惯将引导他们在一生中独立地做出健康的选择.

Physical Activity

The expansion of our wellness programming has led to many exciting innovations. Community wide wellness challenges, boot camp classes, more recreational activities, fitness orientations and personal training! In addition, all students have access to the state-of-the-art Cohen Center, staffed by certified fitness instructors.

Healthy Eating

Riverview尽一切努力为我们的社区提供各种营养食品. 我们通过我们的餐饮服务以及在学术和住宿环境中进行的烹饪指导为学生提供均衡的膳食. 学校将健康饮食理念和学习机会贯穿于学生的一天之中. 学生们接受有关营养食物选择的教育,并被建议适当的份量,以平衡日常膳食和零食的消耗.


正念是一种专注于当下的精神状态, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique. In addition to daily meditation each morning, 瑜伽课程提供给教职员工和学生,教职员工将正念作为一种重要的应对技能来教授.

Health Care

Health Care Center

医疗保健中心(HCC)位于主校区,由一组护士每周7天/每天24小时提供服务, medical assistants, and EMTs. Skilled nursing staff assess and treat minor ailments and injuries. The six-bed HCC provides students a place to rest if they are ill. 夜班医务人员可用于紧急情况或照顾因医疗原因需要在保健中心过夜的学生. In the event of an emergency, Riverview位于市中心,可通往几家地区医院和紧急护理设施.

如欲查阅有关我们医疗保健服务的常见问题,请按以下连结: Health Care Center FAQ

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